Healing Artwork Gallery

Healing with Angel Artwork

The energy enhanced Angelic Paintings by Glenyss Bourne are designed to help to activate the connection to the Higher Self and to the Angelic Realms and bring a sense of Inner Peace and Healing.
This energetic Angel art may be used to lift and clear the energy vibration wherever they are placed; and to amplify healing and provide Spiritual Protection, helping to dissipate fears and anxiety.

Biofeedback Testing

We recently conducted Biofeedback tests on the Human Energy Field and its response to Glenyss’s Paintings. The results were amazing. All the paintings, including the small ones elicited an extremely positive reading. We tested the differences in the Energy Field whilst actually viewing the paintings and again while looking away from them. The improvement in the Energy field while viewing the paintings was very positive.

Healing Artwork Gallery

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Almond Blossoms
Angel's Eye View painting
Angel's Eye View
Banksia Rose Abstract painting
Banksia Rose Abstract
Celebration of Life! painting
Celebration of Life!
Deep Waters painting
Deep Waters
Innocence  painting
Perfume Delight painting
Perfume Delight
Rose Deva painting
Rose Deva

Healing with Angel Art

Glenyss experienced the healing effects of Angel Art during a 10 months hospital stay, while suffering  devastating complications of surgery. She says, "My experiences in hospital showed me the real power of inspirational angel art to heal and uplift the body, mind and spirit. I realized the real power of inspirational images to uplift the Spirit and connect one to a higher place where healing can take place.

Angel Paintings

Uplifting Healing Environments with Angel Art

Many palliative Care hospitals have Music Therapy departments but unfortunately the artwork in many health care environments is chosen with little thought for its intrinsic inspirational and therapeutic benefits. I personally exexperienced this in my extended Hospital stay when I was too weak to read, too sensitive to watch TV and unable to eat. I was virtually "tied to a bed" with little stimulation except pain. I had some of my Angel paintings brought from home and hung over the "beige" hospital paintings.

The simple presence of the angel paintings helped me to tune into the Angelic vibration even in a difficult environment. I could go into the Angel paintings and feel the Love they exuded. They were a continuing reminder to me that I was not just this ravaged, suffering body. The paintings connected and uplifted me and my spirits and helped me to transcend the pain. They gave me a sense of peace and acceptance and helped me to stay positive. I now understand the importance of life giving, nurturing, inspirational images in challenging environments such as hospitals and aged care centres."

Angel Art as a Design Feature in Healing Environments

Art has had a spiritual significance and was often thought to have magical properties. Quantum physics now understands that we are all pure energy vibrating at different rates, and many medical scientists have documented that both thoughts and feelings have an enormous effect on our overall well being. They are recognizing that inspirational art and music have therapeutic effects.

It has become Glenyss' mission to help to educate designers, architects and the committees who create healing environments to use Angel art in a therapeutic way to support healing, and to encourage healers to use them in their practices.

Her paintings now hang in the healing rooms of many health professionals and the results have been extraordinary, they seem to enhance the healing experience for both the healer and client. Just sitting with the Angel paintings is a deeply meditative and healing experience.

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