Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Angel of Divine Love and Protection

Guardian Angel - Elandra

This is the Angel of Divine Love and Protection, Elandra, her message to us is “Guardian Angels watch over you while you are asleep and help to keep you safe and well. There is nothing to fear! I am the Divine Mother, I oversee the birthing process and pour out the highesr vibration of Unconditional Love and comfort to all. Call upon Me when you feel fearful or powerless and I will hold you in my arms as a mother holds and loves her child, as you are all my children. You can find solace in my presence". Elandra looks after the soul's birthing into all dimensions. She protects and guides these beings in their new lives. She helps them to fulfill their destiny in their new incarnations, and offers guidance and understanding to the new parents and the newly birthed soul. She offers comfort or those who are lonely, ill, or afraid; and reaches out to those who are elderly and confused and feel that all hope is gone. She also protects and comforts children who are restless at night or afraid of the dark.
Call upon Elandra if you feel fearful or unsafe.