About Angels

Your Guardian Angel By Glenyss Bourne
Your Guardian Angel by Glenyss Bourne
Angels are Beings of Light

Angels are magnificent Beings of Light who choose to interact with us to help us on our Earthly Journey and  in our wider Spiritual Journey.
We are all immortal Spirits, but we Humans have chosen to incarnate in an earthly body. We are Spirits having a human experience; not humans having a Spiritual experience.

Everybody has a Guardian Angel

We all have a Guardian Angel as well as Spirit Guides. The Spirit Guides are closer to us humans in vibration, have lived on earth in human form before, and thus are well qualified to help us on a more mundane level that Angels.

The Angels have usually never incarnated in a human body and carry a very high vibration. The Angels and Archangels help us with the higher Spiritual aspects of our lives in many dimensions. They help us in our Expanded Spiritual Journey; but in times of trouble they are always there for us.

Ask for the Angel's for Help When You Need It!

If you are fearful and unsure, remember to ask your Angels for help! They are always with you, waiting to help you on your Life's Journey. The Law of Free Will however, deems it is usually necessary that you request their help. Be aware that your Angels usually remain with you throughout your entire lifetime and work together with your spirit guides to guide and protect you.

The Angels and Archangels carry an incredibly powerful yet profoundly gentle energy.
The Archangels oversee the whole Universe, they are God's helpers and messengers, and are omnipresent; they can be in many places at once. All you have to do is call upon the Angels or Archangels and they will be there for you.

Remember to ask for help when you need it. The Angels love you with a deep and abiding Love so strong that we on Earth can hardly imagine it!

The Angels are Everywhere

Angel of the Dolphins by Glenyss Bourne
Angels are everywhere! Look for them in beautiful places in nature, in the sky, in the clouds, in the sunrise and within all the people you meet! Look especially carefully within the faces of those who challenge you; for they are the special angels who help you to grow and change, to reach your full potential.

Sacred Wisdom, Angelic Guidance Book by Glenyss Bourne
The Angel messages comes from the book Sacred Wisdom by Glenyss Bourne, a book of Angelic Guidance. Affordable signed Fine Art Prints from the digital original of this painting are available here.
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