Saturday, December 22, 2018

Love is the Guiding Force of the Universe

A Beautiful Message from Archangel Aria from Angelics Speaks.

Your spiritual path is a process of peeling away all of these beliefs and identifications that you took on as a child. Over time with regular meditation, you begin to identify instead with that supreme light, your inner Self. As this identification strengthens more and more, your ability to hold a higher awareness Increases. Then, your awareness gradually expands to the point where you merge with the light of the inner Self. Because of the constant connection between your inner Self and Source, when you merge with your inner Self, you merge with Source. See the full message here.

Monday, December 17, 2018

A Plant Sings at Sanctuary Angel Gallery

I work with high vibrational Angelic energy through my work as a healer and energy artist,  and I recently purchased a new device that gives plants a voice. This is my first listen to the Music of the plants, and it made a deep impression on me, not only does it feel healing but it is also beautiful!

More recently I have been  experimenting with the energetic interaction between my Angelic energy paintings, and plants, in a high energy environment, Sanctuary Angel Gallery  The plants react to energy vibrations, they seem to sing a different song with different paintings. I will post some videos soon showing this energy interaction.

The Music of the Plants device is extraordinary, it gives plants voice. When we understand that they are conscious beings hopefully humanity will treat them with more love, gratitude and respect