About Glenyss Bourne

Guardian Angels and Angel Art

Five years ago I was sent home from hospital to die. I had an “incurable” illness and after five successive operations left me with a perforated bowel, there seemed to be no hope for a cure. Today I have greater energy levels, happiness, and health than I ever have imagined. This is my story.

I originally trained as an Art and Craft Teacher and taught art
until I had my four children. The act of creating art, is to me a deeply meditative experience and I have always worked intuitively, just starting to sculpt or paint without any real idea of what I would finally produce and I am often surprised at the results!
In the 1980’s I became aware that I needed to change my attitudes to Life and I began my "Magical Mystical Tour" which has taken me to places within myself that I didn't know even existed!

Alternative Healing
I became interested in personal growth and alternative healing and studied Yoga and Reiki and began to make Anaheart Flower Remedies and to teach Reiki. My whole attitude to life and understanding of myself began to change and I forged a deeper connection with my Higher Self and became aware of myself as Spiritual Being.

Painting Angels
One night about fifteen years ago, I was experimenting with watercolours. I went into a meditative state, and to my great surprise I produced two incredible energetic paintings of Angels. The Angels came to me as I must have had the abilities they needed. The Angls wanted me to paint them.

Digital Angel Paintings
I then began to paint Angels digitally, although I had no previous experience in digital art. I realized that the form of the painting is not as important as the interplay of the colours and the energies they represent and the feelings the Angel Paintings engender. This was the beginning of my magnificent obsession with Angels!
This is one of my very early Angel Paintings,
"The Angel of Expansion and Courage".
The Angelic message that came through with this Angel painting is........
“ Do not fear to let go of what is no longer necessary.
Old patterns hold you back and your destiny is the Stars!“

Glenyss talks about her Healing Angel Art on Video

Interview with Glenyss Bourne:Healing From The Angelic Realm- part1

Glenyss shares her spiritual journey, explaining how her art evolved and became angelic in composition. Glenyss became very ill and spent over a year in hospital, but believes that the pain and suffering she endured offered an incredible opportunity for learning. Not only did she dissolve her fears of dying, but she gained greater understanding of the healing that her angel art provides.

Interview with Glenyss Bournepart 2: Angels Step Forward


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