Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Angel of Divine Love and Protection

Guardian Angel - Elandra

This is the Angel of Divine Love and Protection, Elandra, her message to us is “Guardian Angels watch over you while you are asleep and help to keep you safe and well. There is nothing to fear! I am the Divine Mother, I oversee the birthing process and pour out the highesr vibration of Unconditional Love and comfort to all. Call upon Me when you feel fearful or powerless and I will hold you in my arms as a mother holds and loves her child, as you are all my children. You can find solace in my presence". Elandra looks after the soul's birthing into all dimensions. She protects and guides these beings in their new lives. She helps them to fulfill their destiny in their new incarnations, and offers guidance and understanding to the new parents and the newly birthed soul. She offers comfort or those who are lonely, ill, or afraid; and reaches out to those who are elderly and confused and feel that all hope is gone. She also protects and comforts children who are restless at night or afraid of the dark.
Call upon Elandra if you feel fearful or unsafe.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Change the World with Loving Kindness

What the World Needs Now is Loving Kindness

Live the attitude of Loving Kindness and teach it to your children by your example.
If all beings did this :
War would become merely a distant memory in the World.
Hunger and greed could not exist.
Cruelty to another living thing would be unthinkable,
and there would be no prejudice.
Men would gently draw their sustenance from the Earth with loving care, without damaging or destroying the beauty of Nature.
There would be no such thing as fear, and all would work together for the common Good.

Excerpt from Sacred Wisdom, a book of Angelic Guidance by Glenyss Bourne

©Glenyss Bourne 2000

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You are The Angels You are the Angels

God is the Eternal Flame of Love.
You are the sparks that burst forth, eagerly seeking your own bright Destinies.
In every heart there glows the God Spark. Nurtured by Love it will burn even brighter.
You are the Angels!

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The Angel message comes from the book Sacred Wisdom by Glenyss Bourne, a book of Angelic Guidance. Signed Fine Art Prints from the digital original of this painting are available here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Archangel Uriel Came to Me Tonight

Painting Angels and Archangels is truly uplifting Spiritual Experience!

Whenever I feel like doing an Angel Painting, I can immediately feel the divine guidance of the Angels and Archangels with me, guiding my hand as I paint. I give thanks every day for the gift of spiritual guidance and understanding.

Guided by Angels
I sat at my computer tonight and began to paint. Immediately I could feel a deep connection with the Angelic Beings who guide me in this work. As the Angel Painting developed I became aware of an overwhelming feeling of Unconditional Love and compassion flowing through me.
When I felt that the Angel painting was finished, I remained in a state of meditation and thanked the Angels for the precious gift of this painting, and asked for the name of the Angel who had come to me. This is the Angelic guidance that I was given...... 

Message from Archangel Uriel
"Many of you who live on Earth at this time have lost the knowledge of yourself as an immortal Spirit in human form; and you are enmeshed in the material world with all it's cares and woes
As you look into this painting, breathe deeply and slowly, and feel into the space of your Heart. Go deeply within this space and identify the feeling that you often have, that something important is missing from your life. Most of you have a deep and abiding longing to re-experience yourselves as pure Spirit.

Your time on Earth is sometimes fraught with difficulties, and at other times you feel great Joy. You have chosen this earthly journey in order to have all of these experiences. You are courageous beings but many of you suffer greatly. I am here to offer to you the re-membrance of yourself as Spirit. When you feel these deep longings, and in the midst of your suffering call upon me, and I will instantly be with you. I will guide and comfort you and help to remind you of your true reality, that you are Spirit.
You are beloved of the Angels. Call upon us whenever you need comfort and guidance in your life."
If you feel a connection to this painting of Archangel Uriel and wish to place it in your own sacred space, click here or email for further details.

I personally print, sign and date my Angel paintings and charge them with energy and ask that they act as a connection to the Angelic Realms for the highest purpose.
All of the Angel paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.

The Angel paintings exude a feeling of deep peace and harmony and help to raise the energies and uplift the spirits wherever they are placed.
May the Love and Light of the Angels and Archangels be with you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Angels DO Exist!!!!

by Angel Whispers

Angels exist in my life. I am fortunate to be blessed with a very close connection to Angels in my every day experience, life and work!

I always had a very "Spiritual connection" from a young child.

I knew that "Spirits" existed and could feel a higher source at work within my every day life.

I am constantly learning more and more on my Spiritual Path and putting the new lessons I learn into action.

I receive a lot of guidance I like to call DOWNLOADING lol.

Angels often take on problem solving inwardly and outwardly.

Many of you may not know that Angelic Beings cannot really help unless asked, which is a form of permission or free will.

The answers are not always like getting run over by a bus with a big booming god like voice as often shown in the movies haha. Thank GOODNESS for that or I would have run off the road in shock a thousand times by now!

We need to be open to their answers and allow our intuition to listen to their guidance.

I use the term "The Angels" because there are too many for my pea brain to begin to know each and every one. Sometimes the information I receive is so prolific, I am very busy trying to listen, and I can feel there is more than one Angel at work!

I am aware that most of all important is where my intention lies and we at Anaheart Sanctuary, have a very strong understanding of ethics and only the utmost Respect, Love and Gratitude for our Angelic helpers and are cont
inuously working towards the highest good of all.

Angels know where our Intention sits, which is a very important thing to remember.

I believe it is this reason that I can share a great sense of humour with Angels.. and treat these Beings as I would a Best Friend.....

I have a great deal of fun with My Angels and I am sure they have a great deal of fun with me.

Angel paintings in the Healing Room at Sanctuary Angel Gallery and Healing Centre.
I am fortunate enough to work with these Beings offering healing to others.

This is a picture of what my clients see when they lay on the massage table for healing in my Healing Roon at Sanctuary.

My connection grew stronger and stronger with My Angelic helpers when I was very unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

I could only explain this time in my life as feeling stuck in a seemingly endless & extremely painful and powerless state, and was bedridden for a very long time with this illness.

In the Darkest times.... These Angelic beings gathered around me and gave me so much relief with what I term Angel Hugs. It was such a lovely feeling. I could feel the warmth and energy flowing through me from them, during these times and it would often bring me to tears of gratitude.

I remember back to a time I was searching desperately for answers: What is the true meaning of Chronic Fatigue? What part of the body is not functioning correctly? Never feeling in my heart that it was incurable like the Medical Professionals all claimed.

Around this time of continued questioning to the Angels, I called my Mother.

Mum had her own problem to solve and I mentioned the above questions I had to her.

I remembered a book that popped into my head a few days beforehand for her specific problem; but I could not remember the exact name or where it was. Within seconds a cupboard I stored all my books in popped open and my Anatomy/ Physiology book fell out OPEN with the exact book for Mum laying on top of the open page!

I laughed... said thank you to The Angels and explained what happened to Mum..........The anatomy book was
open on the page of the Endocrine System...

It was years later that I met someone else with Fibromyalgia; who was participating in various fibromyalgic research based hospital tests, who explained; that a nurse mentioned during her tests that similarities seemed to be related and pointing directly to the endocrine system. I giggled and promptly told her the story.

These kinds of instances happen all the time.

The illness although very long and grueling to say the least... taught me so much.

I learnt that I was a Human BEING not a Human DOING. This was a most important and profound lesson. We are NOT just what we can do regardless of what outside influences would have us believe.

There had to be a reason to exist beyond DOING.
We all have our own Guardian Angels with us always, who constantly offer us Unconditional Love and Protection.

I was just as important to the ANGELS as I was before I got sick.

Sometimes the hardest lessons in life can lead to the most profound knowledge and understanding.

Not that I would prefer hard lessons as I do believe we can all chose to learn via happy lessons if we wish and I DO WISH!

Over and Out for now,

Angel Hugzzz,
Angel Whispers

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Copyright Glenyss Bourne 2008 all rights reserved.