Ascended Masters Gallery

The Ascended Masters are individuals who once walked the Earth. They transcended normal human limitations and Ascended into Divine Freedom. They work in the etheric realms to assist other beings in their earthly lifetimes, to achieve their Life purpose, and to advance toward Enlightenment and eventual Ascension.

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Kwan Yin painting
Kwan Yin
Lady Magda - The Ascended Mary Magdalene painting
Lady Magda - The Ascended Mary Magdalene
Lady Nada painting
Lady Nada
Lady Portia painting
Lady Portia
Lady Rowena painting
Lady Rowena
Lady Vesta painting
Lady Vesta
Mary Magdalene<br />
Mary Magdalene
"Divine Grace"
Melchizedek - The Light Bearer  painting
Melchizedek - The Light Bearer
Pallas Athena painting
Pallas Athena
Sananda painting
St Germaine painting
St Germaine
White Buffalo Woman painting
White Buffalo Woman
Yeshua (Jesus) painting
Yeshua (Jesus)

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